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Your Online Hanukkah To-Do List

Wed, 11/22/2017 - 9:57am -- jen@jvillagenetwork

Hanukkah gelt 2017You can finally take a deep breath and relax as the rush of the High Holidays has passed. But, before you get too cozy, it won’t be long until you’re getting ready to fry up some latkes. Hanukkah is just around the corner.

Hanukkah may not require the same amount of intense preparation as the High Holidays, but it’s still a big deal for your community. To help you get your online presence ready for the Festival of Lights, we’ve created a handy to-do list.


#1: Create Hanukkah Themed Graphics

Time to get crafty by making some eye-catching Hanukkah themed images. Don’t worry, no Photoshop experience is needed when creating your own professional holiday visuals. Canva is our go-to resource for do-it-yourself graphics. 

If you don't have a trove of high-quality images to dig through, we encourage you to purchase one or two high-quality images from Adobe Stock or another online provider. These images will serve as the foundation for all Hanukkah marketing materials. 

Stay on brand by using the same color schemes and fonts as seen on your website and other printed materials. Don’t know your fonts or color codes? Contact Jvillage or your website provider for assistance

After you’ve created your new graphics, sprinkle them throughout your emails, add them to your homepage or homepage slideshow and include them in your social media posts.

These easy-to-implement tips ensure your images strike the right note:

  • Keep text to a minimum. Let the images take center stage.
  • Try to convey an emotion or feeling.
  • Take the time to find or purchase the perfect image. You really only need one great pic and then reuse it as needed.

#2: Decorate Your Homepage

Now you don’t need to add so much Hanukkah imagery to your website that it feels like a Jewish Pier One catalog, but Hanukkah is a big deal for your congregants. It’s also a great opportunity to freshen up or change the images on your website.

  • Update the homepage slideshow with Hanukkah themed imagery (including some of those great graphics that you made in tip #1)
  • Publicize community-wide Hanukkah parties and any special events
  • Create a new block and fill it with candle-lighting times for all 8 nights
  • Add the Jvillage Hanukkah guide to your website


Get Your Hanukkah Guide


#3: Update Your Social Media Channels For Hanukkah

Social media is a great way to keep your community in the know. Here’s how:

  • Swap out your Facebook cover image with one of your newly created Hanukkah graphics
  • Post-Hanukkah related recipes, candle lighting times, and interesting articles
  • Publicize any community-wide events
  • Use pics from last year’s celebrations to generate interest and enthusiasm in this year’s gatherings.
  • Share event photos on Instagram and Facebook

#4: Build A Special Web Page Just For Hanukkah

Create a new web page to serve as all things Hanukkah. It's not uncommon for synagogues to have several events surrounding the holiday, and you'll want to keep everything as organized and easy to find as possible. A special Hanukkah page also presents a great opportunity to share info on Hanukkah traditions, history, and symbolism. This page can serve as a great resource for interfaith families and allows you to establish your website as a source of information on Judaism.

Include the following items for a comprehensive Hanukkah web page:

  • Welcoming words
  • A concise paragraph discussing the history and traditions behind Hanukkah
  • Candle lighting times specific to your area
  • Hanukkah events happening at your synagogue
  • Information on community celebrations in your town or county
  • A link to the Jvillage Hanukkah guide
  • Your congregants' favorite latke & sufganiyot recipes
  • Social media share buttons


Next Steps:

Let’s get going! Begin by sourcing some dynamic images to serve as the foundation of your new Hanukkah graphics. Visit our featured client page and check out how other synagogues celebrate Hanukkah. Contact us with any questions. We are always here to help!


Chag Sameach!


About the Author

Jen LiebermanAs the client relationship manager at Jvillage, Jen Lieberman is committed to helping synagogues grow and thrive in our increasingly online world.

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