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Using the Passover Kit: A Guide for Success

Wed, 03/30/2016 - 1:07pm -- Jvillage

happypassover_0.pngFrom reading the Four Questions to finding the afikomen, Passover is a dynamic, kid-centric celebration. But Seders can be long and Passover cereal just isn't the same, making Passover not every kid’s favorite holiday. Our Passover kit is here to help! With a focus on tactile, hands-on activities, our kit is built from the simple understanding that the best kind of learning happens when kids are actively engaged.

Guide Notes:

Organized by type of activity- building, baking, and so on, our guide allows you to quickly and easily find the right activity that will best appeal to your child or class. The section where the link can be found within the Passover kit is italicized. Items marked with an * are specially for the Pre-K and under set.


Videos and audio files that are designed to inspire and help prepare kids for Passover.

The Four Questions and Other Blessings - Kid's Corner

Get the kids ready to dazzle their guests this year by helping them practice Passover blessings and Four Questions with our friends from Behrman House.

Watch Shalom Sesame Favorites Grove and Avigall Celebrate Passover* - For The Little Ones

A great, engaging video that is guaranteed to make your preschooler smile.

Watch the Passover Story of the Four Sons - Kid’s Corner

A fun animated video designed to teach kids about Passover.

Watch the Maccabeat Dayenu - This,That and the Other

A modern day classic!

Creating and Building

Meaningful and creative activities for children.

A Chocolate Matzoh House - Kid's Corner

A tasty addition to your Passover Seder.

Origami Frogs - Kid's Corner

Bring the plagues to life by having your child create origami frogs. Link also contains downloadable worksheets and other activities.

A Lego Seder Plate - Kid's Corner

Encourage kids to learn about the symbolism of the Seder plate with this activity.

8 Engaging Passover Activities for Children* - Kid’s Corner

Learn how to create an afikoman bag, construct a felt Seder plate, and decorate Elijah’s cup with these great craft ideas.

Bake (and eat of course!)

What would a Jewish holiday be without enjoying delicious treats? 

Baking Forgetten Macaroons* - For the Little Ones

Fun and simple recipe with a twist.

Over 100 Delicious Passover Recipes - Let’s Eat

Encourage the kids to select a recipe or two to cook (with a grown up) this Passover.

Our Passover kit is packed with these and lots more carefully selected resources and materials that are designed to provide your educators and families with new ideas this holiday. And, if you haven't already, take a moment and request that we add the kit to your website today. 

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