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Tu B'Shevat Resources for Kids: A Guide For Success

Thu, 01/12/2017 - 12:51pm -- jen@jvillagenetwork

Tu B'Shevat Resource Kit Guide

From enjoying a fruit-filled Seder to planting a tree, Tu B'Shevat is a dynamic, kid-friendly celebration.

Tu B'Shevat is an amazing holiday, but finding age-appropriate resources can be tough. That's why this year, Jvillage has introduced a special Tu B'Shevat resource kit to help you bring the joy of this holiday to your community. 

Featuring tactile and hands-on activities, our kit is built from the simple understanding that the best kind of learning happens when kids are actively engaged.

Guide Notes:

Organized by type of activity- multimedia, creative crafts, and family-friendly resources, our guide allows you to quickly and easily find the right activity that will best appeal to your child or class. The section where the link can be found within the kit is italicized. Items marked with an * are just right for the K and under set.


Bring Tu B'Shevat to life with these dynamic videos.

Honi Comes Full Circle for the TreesKid's Corner

From our friends at BimBam, a fun video that encourages kids to learn the story behind Tu B'Shevat. 

Celebrate Tu B'Shevat with Shalom Sesame* - For The Little Ones

Cookie Monster, Avigail, and the rest of the gang are back! View Shalom Sesame's collection great, engaging videos that are guaranteed to make your preschooler smile.

Creative Crafts 

Creative, fun, and educational activities for children.

A Seven Species WatercolorKid's Corner

Encourage kids to paint beautiful watercolor paintings celebrating the Seven Species as found in the Torah. 

Grow an Upcycled Grass HeadKid's Corner

We can't get enough of this fun and silly craft. Bonus points for getting a jump-start on Passover by planting parsley! 

Craft a Handprint Earth* - For the Little Ones

What's not to love about this adorable hands-on activity? Don't forget to translate the instructions from Spanish by clicking on the [in English] link located at the top right of the page. 

Cute and Colorful Cherry Blossoms* - For the Little Ones

It may be in the For the Little One's section, but there is no age limit on who can construct a beautiful and colorful cherry tree. 

Family-Friendly Resources

Give your kids a deeper understanding of Tu B'Shevat with these helpful resources. 

What to Eat on Tu B'ShevatAll About Tu B'Shevat

It wouldn't be a Jewish holiday without food! Encourage your kids to discover and taste traditional Tu B'Shevat foods. 

Plant a Tree in Israel* - Kid's Corner

Partner with the Jewish National Fund and join a time-honored tradition of planting a tree in Israel. 

Resources for a Family Friendly Seder* - For the Little Ones

Check out a treasure trove of awesome Tu B'Shevat themed resources from our friends at PJ Library

15 Fun Tu B'Shevat Facts - Kids Corner

Play a game of "did you know?" with these fun and informative facts and have your kids quiz you!

Our Tu B'Shevat resource kit is packed with these and lots more carefully selected resources and materials to provide educators and families like you with new ideas this holiday.

And, if you haven't already, take a moment and request your kit today. Remember! Jvillage holiday resources are always free for our members. 

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