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Wed, 03/08/2017 - 12:00am -- jen@jvillagenetwork

If you are anything like us, you are constantly thinking of ways to give your synagogue website a boost. Transforming your website from an online bulletin board to one that truly brings your community to life online, takes time, but it may not be as difficult as you think. Start with a great design, add engaging images, include relevant content, update it frequently and viola! You’ve got the makings of a great synagogue website (for more information on the essential elements of a synagogue website check out our recent guide).

Here are 5 examples of successful synagogues who keep their websites dynamic, fresh, and thriving. Who knows? You might discover some new inspirations and ideas - especially if your Jewish community is in need of a website redesign.


Anshe Emet Congregation

Featuring a fresh, mobile-friendly design, this attractive site places a great deal of emphasis on appealing to prospective members. As Anshe Emet demonstrates, strong images make for an extraordinary online home. Need a little help filling your website with high-quality images -  ask your community for help.

Anshe Emet - Jvillage


Stephen Wise Free Synagogue

After your homepage, your calendar is the most visited page on your website. By positioning an attractive and easy-to-read upcoming event feed in a prominent position on the homepage, the Stephen Wise website is providing its' readers with the information that they are looking for. 

Stephen Wise - great synagogue websites


Beth Jacob Synagogue

Remember, it isn't just your members who are stopping by to learn about services and other upcoming events. A synagogue website is a shared space and considering the needs of your prospective and current members are critical. Striking the right balance between these two groups isn't always easy, but Beth Jacob Synagogue gets this delicate balance right. 

Beth Jacob Synagogue - great synagogue website


Temple Isaiah

Using your calendar as a way to build community is a fantastic way for you to engage your current members and invite prospective members to get to know you a bit more. Be sure to check out how Temple Isaiah goes beyond simply providing the event basics (time, location, date) by including video and images to bring their events to life. Bonus! Members can also easily register for events online.

Temple Isaiah - best synagogue websites


Valley Beth Shalom

There is no doubt that content is king (or queen). By sharing relevant content with your members, it ups the value that your community places on your online home. As you take the time to explore Valley Beth Shalom's website, note how they engage their readers with relevant audio files, images, videos and more. 

Valley Beth Shalom - best synagogue website


Have you come across a great synagogue website that made you pause and say "yes! that's exactly what I need for my community?" Let us know in the comments. We love seeing what you are into these days. 

And, if are considering a make-over for your website, please reach out. We are on a mission to help you connect, engage, and grow your Jewish community. Learn how we bring your community to life online.


About the Author

As the client relationship manager at Jvillage, Jen Lieberman is committed to helping synagogues grow and thrive in our increasingly online world.





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