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7 Ways To Share The Passover Guide With Your Community

Wed, 03/15/2017 - 12:00am -- jen@jvillagenetwork

Passover 2018

You've added our Passover guide to your website - hooray! If you build it they will come, right? Well, sort of. Embedding the guide on your website is the first step to engaging your community, but unless your members know it's there, how will they be able to check it out?  We understand that promoting something new can feel daunting, but it doesn't need to be.

Here are Easy 7 ways your synagogue can let your community know about the Passover guide.


1. Promote it on Your Homepage: Dedicate a special area of your homepage (like Rodef Shalom) to these Passover resources. Add an enticing image, write some descriptive text, and link to the guide. Use this spot as a jumping off point inviting website visitors to learn more about how they can celebrate. 


2. Spread the Word in Your Emails: Let your members know the guide is on your website by announcing it in your weekly email. Again, include a relevant image and link back to your website. Consider including a section publicizing the guide from now until the holiday. Don't forget to optimize your emails for mobile users!


3. Share the Passover Guide on Facebook: Social media is a powerful way to let your community know about something new. You know the drill - remember to link back to your website. 


4. Tease the Guide on Twitter: Tweet, tweet! In 140 characters or less, let your members know this guide is available to them. 


5. Tell Your Religious School and Early Childhood Teachers: Give your community ideas for celebrating Passover with kids. Encourage your teachers to use the guide in their lessons. Your educators can also direct their families to check out the age-appropriate resources that are designed just for their children via an email or take-home flier.


6. Carve Out a Section of Your Print Newsletter: Let your members know that they can always learn about Passover and other upcoming holidays by visiting your website. 


7. Post Your Favorite Link: Whether it's building a house made out of matzo or attempting to make homemade gefilte fish for the first time, the guide has something for everyone. What's your favorite part? Go ahead and share your favorite link on Facebook or Twitter. Encourage your members to join the conversation by posting their favorite in the comments section. 

Ever hear of the rule of 7? It's  an old marketing term that suggests that someone needs to hear an advertiser's message at least 7 times before he or she will take action.

By sharing news of the Passover guide in a variety of formats and on a consistent basis, you increase the likelihood that your members will discover and use the guide.

Your goal is to encourage your members to think of your synagogue website as a hub for all-things-Jewish. Resources celebrating and educating your members about Jewish holidays are a powerful way for you to engage your community and deepen their connection to Judaism.

How have you shared this resource with your community? Let us know in the comments!


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Jennifer LiebermanAs the client relationship manager at Jvillage, Jen Lieberman is committed to helping synagogues grow and thrive in our increasingly online world.

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