Jvillage Network Training Series

Welcome to our series of How-To Training Videos and our new Recorded Training Classes. If you are new to editing in the Jvillage CMS (Content Management System), we encourage you to watch our videos to get the best results. You can also download the Training Manual.

How-To Training Videos

  1. Logging In
  2. Workarea Basics
  3. Edit Access
  4. Edit in Context
  5. Editing Images - part 1 - resizing and text wrapping
  6. Editing Images - part 2 - hyperlinking
  7. Editing Images - part 3 - uploading new images and modifying
  8. Creating New Content Pages - part 1 - copying from another source and previewing
  9. Creating New Content Pages - part 2 - formatting text
  10. Creating New Content Pages - part 3 - bookmarks and URL aliasing (linking within and between pages)
  11. Creating New Content Pages - part 4 - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Metadata
  12. Publishing Pages and linking to Menus - part 1
  13. Editing Navigation Menus - part 2

Recorded Training Classes

It's required that you register for the class (even if the date has already passed) with your email address in order to view the recorded sessions. Each session is an hour long.

To play the videos, you may need to download Windows Media Player and the GoToMeeting codec.